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17+ Linen Textures PNG JPEG FREE Download

Linen textures are those that have been created using linen fabrics. These can be used in many different ways including wallpapers, tablecloths, bedsheets, curtains, etc. What does linen texture mean? What are some examples of linen textures? Linen is a natural fiber that comes from flax plants. The fibers are spun into yarn or thread,… Read More »

15+ Holographic Textures JPEG FREE Download

Holographic textures are created using light interference patterns. They can be used in many different ways including creating 3D objects, decorating surfaces, and even making art. A hologram is a type of optical illusion where light waves interfere with each other to form an image. This effect was discovered by British scientist Dennis Gabor in… Read More »

15+ FREE Rose Gold Textures JPEG Download

Rose gold textures are those that have been created using rose gold as their base color. They can be applied in various ways, including stamping, embossing, etching, and layering. Rose gold textures are created using a technique called “paint layering”. This involves applying multiple layers of paint on top of each other in order to… Read More »

17+ Acrylic Textures PNG JPEG FREE SDownload

Acrylic textures can be created using various methods including spraying, brushing, rolling, stamping, stenciling, and cutting. They can be used on any surface, but they are most commonly applied to canvas, paper, wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, concrete, plaster, and fabric. Acrylic backgrounds are used in many different applications including home decor, fashion design, architecture,… Read More »

17+ Noise Textures PNG JPEG FREE Download

Noise Textures are a type of image processing technique where random patterns or textures are added to images. The result is often a blurred effect that adds depth to the photo. This is achieved through various methods such as adding noise to the image using Photoshop filters, or applying noise to the camera sensor itself.… Read More »

15+ Plastic Textures PNG JPEG FREE Download

Looking for the best plastic textures? The plastic wrap comes in various types, such as clear, matte, shiny, and even transparent. The texture of these wraps varies from soft to stiff. They also come in different sizes and shapes. This project was inspired by my love for wrapping food items in plastic wrap. I wanted… Read More »

15+ Newspaper Textures PNG FREE Download

Newspaper textures are created using a combination of textured paper and inkjet printing techniques. The result is a unique, hand-made look that will make your printed materials stand out from the crowd.Printing on Fabric. We offer a wide variety of fabric options for our customers to choose from. Whether you need custom apparel or promotional… Read More »

15+ Best Music Paper Textures FREE Download

Looking for the best music paper textures? How would you describe your music style? Would you say you play guitar or piano? Or maybe drums? If you said something else, then you might want to try out these new music papers. They allow you to create unique sounds using only your hands. The music paper… Read More »

15+ Best Dust Textures JPEG FREE Download

Dust textures are patterns that appear on surfaces when dust settles onto them. They can be caused by windblown sand, raindrops, snowflakes, insects, birds, animals, humans, traffic, machinery, etc. The most common types of dust textures are: Sand dunes (also called “sand ripples”) – Sand is blown into a pile and then smoothed out with… Read More »

15+ Best Copper Textures PNG FREE Download

Copper textures are created using copper foil that has been cut into various shapes and sizes. These can be used for many different purposes including wall art, tableware, home décor, jewelry, and much more!Copper is a natural element found in the earth’s crust. It is also one of the most versatile metals on Earth. Copper… Read More »